Children & Teens

As a parent, it’s hard to watch your children struggle. You can see their potential and know that things would be so much easier if they were able to overcome their challenges.  

Your child’s symptoms might be obvious – anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, impulsivity, difficulty making friends or communicating, sensitivity to sounds and touch, learning challenges or difficulty focusing, etc. But the underlying causes of these symptoms and their solutions are often a mystery. 

There is hope. BodyTalk is a gentle, non-invasive system of energy medicine that can quickly and effectively address what’s at the heart of your child’s challenges. There are no needles, pills or invasive procedures. 

Here’s how it works

Your child’s body and mind function at an optimal level when his internal communication networks or energy circuits are well balanced. Stress, trauma and injury, at any stage of development, can “blow” these circuits like the overloaded electrical circuits in a house. As a result, parts of the body become out of sync and symptoms develop.

Using gentle tapping techniques, BodyTalk reestablishes the lines of communication between various parts of the body, enabling them to talk to each other again. It’s like turning your child’s circuit breakers back on so he or she can heal at all levels – body, mind and spirit. 

Children and teens may not always have the knowledge and ability to express what’s happening in their body and mind. BodyTalk provides these insights by identifying and addressing the physical, emotional and environmental factors that contributed to body’s communication breakdown. These could include belief systems, fears and phobias, allergies and intolerances, trauma, and genetics. 

Most children and teens respond very well to BodyTalk. Since they have lived fewer years than adults, and have had less time for their symptoms and “patterns” to become ingrained, it’s common to see changes within one to three sessions.

What to expect >

Children and Teens have experienced improvements in:

  • Anxiety
  • Attentional deficits (ADD/ADHD)
  • Bedwetting
  • Behavioral and emotional regulation
  • Body chemistry (yeast overgrowth, heavy metals)
  • Cognitive and executive functioning
  • Developmental delays and disorders (including Autism)
  • Digestive issues and leaky gut
  • Family dynamics
  • Inflexibility and compulsive behavior
  • Motor coordination
  • Puberty issues
  • Self-image
  • Sensory integration
  • Sleep
  • Social skills
  • Speech and language
  • and more...

Working with Stacey

More than half of my healing practice is dedicated to working with children, teens and their parents.  

As a Parent Coach and Autism Consultant, I have specialized knowledge of child development, anxiety, behavioral challenges, cognitive functions and learning difficulties, autism spectrum and related developmental disorders, and a variety of developmental and biomedical approaches to healing. This enables me to identify and address a broader range of factors that may be contributing to your child’s challenges.

I encourage parents to share reports and treatment goals from other healthcare professionals and therapies, so I can integrate these into your child’s BodyTalk sessions whenever possible.

Parents and children alike feel at ease and empowered working with me. In addition to BodyTalk sessions, I can also provide Parent Coaching if you would like some extra support to address your child’s needs and challenges, as well as your own.  For more information about my Parent Coaching and Autism Consulting practice, visit

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In just two months of working with you, there’s been a big shift in Benjamin’s demeanor. He is better able to process his emotions and generally seems like a happier, more well-balanced kid. For me, your insightfulness and ability to pick up on small details are of great significance. I think your sessions for my family have been so great because you draw on all of your other knowledge and training to bring about change.
— Mom of Benjamin, age 8, Nova Scotia

I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for the last couple of years as my parent coach, and in the past year, we’ve incorporated BodyTalk Therapy. Both my son and I have had BodyTalk sessions quite regularly. The sessions have provided me with greater insight into my son and the challenges he faces - it’s like I can see inside him. This has me feeling less powerless and more understanding of the processes he is experiencing and the greater interplays that are at work. My son’s behaviors shift after a session - he’s matured immensely - this has been extremely reassuring that difficult times do morph and dissipate. Stacey is compassionate, gentle and yet direct. She has been my rock during some extremely difficult times. The benefits of my own sessions have really helped me come to terms with many of the challenges I face being a parent to a child with extra needs and just my own challenges in general. I highly recommend Stacey - she offers such an invaluable and unique approach to healing.
— Mom of Adam, age 5, Toronto, Ontario