In just two months of working with you, there’s been a big shift in Benjamin’s demeanor. He is better able to process his emotions and generally seems like a happier, more well-balanced kid. For me, your insightfulness and ability to pick up on small details are of great significance. I think your sessions for my family have been so great because you draw on all of your other knowledge and training to bring about change.
— Mom of Benjamin, age 8, Nova Scotia

I think I’ve experienced more personal growth in two weeks, than I have my entire life.
— Rebecca W., Seattle, Washington

The friction you’ve helped me work through between me and my parents has been quite profound, and I am very grateful for that. 
— Amanda B., Sydney, Australia

I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for the last couple of years as my parent coach, and in the past year, we’ve incorporated BodyTalk Therapy. Both my son and I have had BodyTalk sessions quite regularly. The sessions have provided me with greater insight into my son and the challenges he faces - it’s like I can see inside him. This has me feeling less powerless and more understanding of the processes he is experiencing and the greater interplays that are at work. My son’s behaviors shift after a session - he’s matured immensely - this has been extremely reassuring that difficult times do morph and dissipate. Stacey is compassionate, gentle and yet direct. She has been my rock during some extremely difficult times. The benefits of my own sessions have really helped me come to terms with many of the challenges I face being a parent to a child with extra needs and just my own challenges in general. I highly recommend Stacey - she offers such an invaluable and unique approach to healing.
— Mom of Adam, age 5, Toronto

I enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday. I left our BodyTalk session feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I find my stress level is down, and I slept for the first time (all night) since we met. I am meditating at night, and even find work more pleasant. I have been talking about it a lot, and people even see a difference in my attitude.
— Daniel, Project Coordinator, Toronto

Thank you for the session yesterday, it was incredible. I felt so much better and it appears a lot was released. People in my class noticed a difference. I have to bring your cards to both of my classes so you should be getting some calls. My shoulders feel like they have come down. The whites of my eyes are clear. All in all I do feel better. I am releasing through crying and going to the washroom more. Can’t wait for our next session! Thank you for the work you do.

— Cynthia, Adult Educator, Toronto

It’s so refreshing to meet someone so clearly passionate about their work and truly helping people with so much compassion! I had three sessions with Stacey and experienced fantastic results after each one! When I came to see her, I was feeling very down and hopeless about my life. I felt very tired, unsupported and full of fear. After the first session, I felt very relaxed and my appetite came back ten-fold. I actually ate more when I left than I had in the past 7 days and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also felt more grounded and in more control of my emotions. After the second session, something incredible happened. Before, I felt that no one cared about me and I couldn’t get anyone to help me with anything. Now my family is coming forward to offer help with various things without me even asking and I feel much closer to them. And people started commenting how young and beautiful I’m looking. After the third session, I let go of a lot of the fear that I’d been paralyzed by for so many years. I have so much energy now and my days are filled doing all of the things that I wasn’t able to do before. Thank you, Stacey. I feel very blessed that our paths have connected!
— Diana H., Retiree, Toronto

Since we commenced working together, others and myself have noticed many positive changes. Stacey always makes a thorough effort to get to the core and cause of my problems. She is non-judgmental and I am very comfortable to speak with her about my issues. She is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. I really respect her honesty.
— Andrew M., United Kingdom

Stacey is an amazing BodyTalk practitioner. She is caring, very professional and has a keen sense of intuition. All these amazing qualities combined with her knowledge and experience have really helped me to overcome many challenges in my life. At various times, I found myself faced with challenging decisions and I had trouble seeing things clearly in my mind and heart. With Stacey’s help through BodyTalk, I was able to gain the clarity and grounding I needed. Once I felt centered, I was able to take a step in the direction that was in alignment with my being in that moment. It doesn’t matter what you are being challenged with, just know that BodyTalk can help you. Stacey is amazing and I highly recommend her.
— Simone Costa, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Birth Doula and Naturopathic Dr. Graduate, Toronto

When I was introduced to Stacey, I had been receiving IVF treatments for more than 4 years and suffering from high levels of anxiety (and treated for it medically). For the past 6 months, Stacey has performed BodyTalk sessions for me and helped to improve my mental, physical and emotional health.

As a result, B”H, I was able to conceive and am now pregnant in my 4th month (almost 17 weeks)!
Stacey supported me before, during and after the last treatment to ensure my body and mind stayed calm, balanced and clean of distractions and stress. She enabled me to have good blood circulation, positive thoughts and most importantly helped me to practice proper breathing.

I feel grateful, excited, happy and blessed. Thank God for Stacey. She made the whole difference. I highly recommend her for help for all areas of hardship or struggle in life. She is so sensitive, tuned in and can read different situations that are both on the conscious and subconscious level. Stacey is gentle, and an amazing listener and her energy is so pure & positive.

Thank you, Wonderful Stacey. You are so amazing. You are an important and BIG part of our miracle.
— Claire Eben-Ezra Kastel, Daycare Teacher, Israel