Treatment Process

Prior to your first appointment, I ask you to complete a short wellness questionnaire. Your healing session begins with a discussion of your concerns and treatment goals. As you relax on a massage table fully clothed, I tune into your entire system using a subtle muscle testing technique.

I follow a comprehensive protocol of questions to determine where your communication and energy circuits are blocked and the physical, emotional and environmental factors contributing to your symptoms. After identifying your system’s healing priorities, I use gentle tapping techniques to facilitate your body’s own ability to make the necessary corrections and remember them long after your session.

Through each step of the process, I provide practical explanations and insights to help you understand the deeper causes of your symptoms and their solutions.

Healing sessions are approximately 45 minutes to one hour in length. Your energy, health and frame of mind will improve significantly, usually within the first few sessions.

Distance Sessions

Distance healing sessions are a convenient way for you to experience all of the benefits of BodyTalk without the need to travel to my clinic. They take place by phone or Skype and are equally as effective and safe as in-person sessions. 

You can receive a session from the comfort of your home or a quiet location - from anywhere in the world. Many parents prefer the ease of distance sessions for their children. 


The friction you’ve helped me work through between me and my parents has been quite profound, and I am very grateful for that. 
— Amanda B., Sydney, Australia